Testimonies of Calvary Temple Youth Graduates (Part 1)

On January 7, 2015 by Jeff Heglund
Me 1986 Freshman Calvary Temple

Me as a freshman at Calvary Temple

3 John 4  – I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.

Having graduated from Calvary Temple in 1990 and being in the youth group there for four years, it is a privilege to give back to those who have come after me.  I am very grateful to Pastor Scott and my youth pastor, Pastor Forbe Carlson, who is now a missionary in Kenya (missions.org), among many others who have been used mightily by the Lord in my life.  As the youth pastor for the past 20 years I have see young people move on to adulthood and become glorious examples of Jesus in the church and community.  I want to share a few of the recent ones with you!



Tony Delsignore, Class of 2005:

Tony Delsignore Calvary Temple Graduate

Tony Delsignore with Pastor Scott at his Senior Formal

” Growing up in the youth group and attending school at Calvary Temple, I never fully grasped the privilege that I had in being raised in the house of God. Many times I took for granted the people that trained me and the Word of God that was sown into my life on a daily basis. Today I am married to a Godly woman that was also raised at Calvary Temple and I do everything that I am able to help raise the next generation for Jesus and help them to see how blessed they are. I thank God for men

of God like, Pastor Star Scott,  Pastor Jeff, and Pastor

Tony and Kate Calvary Temple Graduates

Tony and His Lovely wife Kate in 2014

Gardner who never compromised and lived the Word of God before me every day. My goal is life is to be a man of God as they are, to lead the youth in our fellowship to Heaven.”

– Tony DelSignore, class of 2005

Tony graduated from George Mason in 2010 with a B.A. in Sports Management.  He is now an Account

Executive at IT Cadre in Ashburn, VA and owns Delsignore Photography.   He serves as a leader in the Calvary Temple Young Adult ministry.  Tony writes and maintains the Calvary Temple Young Adult ministry blog at calvarytempleya.org.






Tyler Loritsch, Class of 2010:

Tyler and Courtney Loritsch

Tyler and his lovely bride Courtney in 2014

Tyler Loritsch Calvary Temple Graduate

Tyler Loritsch as a senior at Calvary Temple

“My time in Youth Group really helped shape who I am in Christ today.  During that time, I learned what it truly meant to seek God with all my heart.  I’m also thankful because it was during my time in youth group that I learned to seek the Lord for myself, and to fight for my brothers and sisters around me to be ready for the return of the Lord.”

– Tyler Loritsch, Class of 2010

Tyler graduated from Marymount University in the Spring of 2014 with a B.A. in business.  Tyler is a Junior Investment Operations Associate at Cambridge Associates.  He and his wife are faithful members of the young adult ministry at Calvary Temple.



 Tierney Kain, Class of 2005:
Tierney Kain Calvary Temple Youth

Tierney Kain in High School at Calvary Temple

“I remember in 7th grade, my friends and I had gotten into yet another fight. We all assumed the other had said something mean about us, and we were fighting so bad that Pastor Jeff pulled us out of class to have a meeting.(God bless Pastor Jeff and his ability to talk rationally to a bunch of highly emotional thirteen year old girls.)I’m sure we all had to talk about our feelings at one point, because I remember Pastor Jeff looked at me and said that my perception is not always reality.Those words have stuck with me the past fourteen years. My feelings–my perceptions–are not my reality. Sometimes it gets hard to

Tierney Kain Calvary Temple Young Adult

Tierney Kain, Stephanie Bright, and Lindsay Newlen in 2014

believe God’s promises and love for me is true–especially when I feel unloved or anxious or afraid. I just have to remind myself of Pastor Jeff’s words to my thirteen year-old self-God is greater than your feelings.I’m so thankful for the care of Pastor Jeff’s youth group at Calvary Temple–it truly felt like I grew up with a giant family who understood exactly how to raise an emotional girl into a strong woman.”

– Tierney Kain, Class of 2005
Tierney Graduated from George Mason with honors in 2009.  She works in IT Consulting as a Business Systems Analyst supporting government contracts.  She is great blessing to the family here at Calvary Temple Church.  She works with the children’s ministry and has been on many short term missions trips to Kenya. Tierney writes and maintains the CalvaryTemple4kids.org blog about our children’s mnistry.  To learn more about our children’s ministry see calvarytemplekidschapel.org.

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