Youth Skits of Hope At the Youth Shelter

On February 3, 2015 by Jeff Heglund

My wife is shooting video over the heads of several kids in the back of a modern cafeteria building.  The room is comfortable but institutional.  We are not allowed to take pictures or video of the current residents for privacy reasons.  She is filming one of the skits that the junior and seniors students from the Calvary Temple Church youth group have prepared.  These are great skits for outreach.

The residents of the shelter that have joined us in the cafeteria to see the skits tonight are here by choice and are never forced to attend.  Sometimes we have as few as two residents and as many as 15.  We are here to bring a message of love and hope.  This is not an easy task as some of the kids have little hope and many problems.  These can include having no place to live, awaiting sentencing for a crime, being in an abusive situation, and others.

Our mission today is to bring hope for their souls.  “Your soul is the most precious thing that you possess.  What would you give in exchange for your soul?  Your soul is the part of you that will live forever!   You are loved and very precious to the Lord no matter how you bad feel or what you have done!”

Did you know Jesus knows you so well that he knows every hair on your head (Matt. 10:30)?  He know every tear that you have cried and ever will cry (Ps. 56:8).  Did you know that He prays for you every day and longs to have a close personal relationship with you (Heb. 7:25)?

I asked the kids where they thought their soul would spend eternity.  One tells me that they will spend eternity in their special comfortable place, another says they don’t know.  I ask if they know what the Bible teaches and one of the young ladies answers, “your soul will spend forever in either Heaven or Hell”.   We do the sin chair skit.

I ask the kids if they know what sin is.  They nod but struggle to name more than a couple of sins.  I ask if they have ever told a lie, stolen anything, hated someone, dishonored their parents, etc.  Everyone acknowledges that they had sinned.  The kids seem unconcerned about the fact that they are sinners.  I tell them that an unrepentant sinner’s soul will die and be judged in Hell.  Does that concern any of you all here?  All the kids shook their head that they did not care that they were sinners.

We talk about Hell.  The bible says that Hell is a place of eternal torment where the flame never goes out (Mark 9:48).  There will be weeping an wailing and gnashing of teeth.  It is a place where worms will eat your flesh yet you will  never be consumed.  There will be no comfort there and you will be alone, in fact, there will be no memory of your existence (Ps. 6:5) .  It was a place created for Satan and the fallen angels (Matt. 25:41).  I am getting some more sober looks.  The reality is Hell is not a place you ever want to be.  You will not go there and party with your buddies.  We do the red balloon skit illustrating that there is absolute truth.

One particular skit elicits a lot of emotion.  The skit is about a girl who was created by God and falls into all the temptations of the world.  She runs from God and eventually is tempted to end her life only to run to Jesus in the end.  It is a powerful visual demonstration of the gospel.  The part about suicide really gets everyone’s attention.

The skits give wonderful examples of hope when we are hopeless.  We are sinners and deserve to go to hell but Jesus took our place and paid the price for our sin.  He literally bought us back from sin!  We talk about what it takes to let Jesus take your place.   During this visit nobody wanted to give their lives to Jesus but over the years several kids have bowed their heads and made decisions to follow Jesus.  We do the skit about the cross.

The Bible says that regeneration comes to those who repent of sin, turn to God (Matt. 3:2), and put their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ alone for salvation.  To repent means to ask forgiveness every time that you sin and to turn from a life given to sin.  This decision involves a transition from an old life of sin to a new life of loving obedience to Jesus Christ (2 Cor. 5:17).  The Bible also says to count the cost before making this decision (Luke 14:28-33).  Because to follow Jesus means that your life is not yours but that you will live to bring honor to Him.

We don’t avoid the difficult subjects and make no excuse for the fact that Jesus is our only hope.   The Bible says that Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life – the only way to get to God.  The path is straight and narrow.  Few will find it.

The kids in youth group get about 35 minutes to sit and visit with the residents after we do the skits.  They are able to listen and pray with the kids.  It is a great opportunity to love and care for some new friends.  This is my favorite part of the visits as you see the kids faces light up.  You can watch the kids from the church and the kids from the shelter sharing a laugh, praying, and just enjoying some good time together.

As we are leaving several kids with tears in their eyes ask if we will please come back.  I encourage them to let their counselors know that we are available any time if they put in a request.  In the past, several of the kids from the shelter have come to our church outreaches or services when they can.

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  • Kristi M

    Sounds like a good opportunity to share the gospel at the youth shelter! I especially like the skit about the red balloon, as I haven’t seen it before.

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