I Caught a Great White Shark

On November 5, 2014 by Jeff Heglund

A bit discouraged in my pursuit to catch a monster fish off shore on the Outer Banks last October, I could not feel my Catching Great Whitetoes as I walked slowly to pick up my Penn Slammer Rod.  It is one of the few weeks that I am away from the youth group on vacation with my family.  I was looking great in my full body wet suit and had just come back to shore from using a kayak to drop a baited big fish rig out about 200 yards which is beyond the second sandbar.  The temperature was now dropping rapidly as the sun set and the rest of the family was enjoying the comfort of the beach house.  I was nearly ready to head in for the night.

As darkness was closing in, I yelled to some beach strollers that they were caught in my line.  “Hey you guys are stuck in my fishing line!”  My calls were in vain as they continued to pull my bright red, 100lb. test line further down the beach.  It seemed like they just didn’t care, as they were now 50 yards down the beach and didn’t even turn around, yet my pole continued to jerk and start.  I decided to crank my classic Penn 9/0 reel in to take up some slack.  The line began to come in smoothly.  The whole thing seemed like some sort of strange magic trick but then suddenly it felt as if someone hooked my line to an SUV on highway 12!  I realized I had hooked into a BIG fish and he was taking charge!

The tired and cold feeling vanished!  My feet were now warm as my heart beat accelerated to hummingbird levels.  I looked around the beach for someone to share the glory of the moment and realized I was the only one crazy enough to be out on the Outer Banks in North Carolina after dark at the end of October.  I would need help to land such a big fish, but the beach was empty. I was in trouble.

Removing Hook Great White SharkThe power of this fish quickly pulled me toward the breaking waves. I struggled to reduce the drag just in time to keep me from being pulled into the breaking surf.  But now this fish had easily taken several hundred yards of line off of my reel.   Just as my arms began to tire, my dad came down to check on me.  He saw my rod bent over and jumped into action grabbing a chest harness and alerting the rest of the family.   The fight was on and we had a blast as the fish made about five huge runs before we could wrestle Him to shore.  It was about an hour before we finally got a look at the beast.

It was shocking to see a Great White shark in the sand as we finally dragged this now exhausted monster by the tail onto Great White Shark on beachthe beach.  He measured 87 inches long and we estimated his weight at over 180 pounds!!  His mouth opened wide enough to easily take a big bite of a large person.  I learned that he is a juvenile great white and that he will get much larger.  His teeth were about an inch and a half long!  As I studied His mouth I was terrified as I considered what the bible says of the enemy of our souls and judgment in hell.  The bible says the devil goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.  This definitely seemed like a lion of the sea and a juvenile at that!  Devouring seems like it would be a bad way to go.

The bible talks about weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth as being the sounds that will fill hell.  I thought of the torment of demons and the judgment to come for those who don’t know the Lord.  There are beasts in hell far more terrifying that will be tormenting lost souls for eternity!

Great White Shark mouthI shuddered to think what would happen if an animal like that got a hold of my leg.  Yet, very soon the jaws of hell will be opened wide like the jaws of this large fish and those who enter that place will never escape.  The good news is, we can avoid the jaws of hell.  To find out how to avoid this eternal torment read “The Most Important Decision You will ever make”  or click here!Dragging Great White SharkI am the youth and young adult pastor at Calvary Temple where Pastor Star R. Scott is the senior pastor.  The rest of the trip was spent enjoying my family at the beach.  I was able to release the fish back into the water which was actually the scariest part of the adventure.  Please note that I was very surprised to see a white shark and released him very quickly.  He swam away in good health.  This animal spent very little time out of the water and I was excited to see him swim away speedily. Releasing Great White Shark

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