29. 09. 2014
Decision Making

What is the Most Important Decision You Will Ever Make?

“Was that a man dragging a woman by the hair?”  I asked my wife as I jogged into the kitchen.  I was in a lunch time feeding frenzy and was going for another...

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27. 09. 2014
Lazy Dog

Ever Get Jealous of Your Dog?   

BANG!  Flaming orange pain shot up my shin bone as I rolled out of my Charlie Brown sheets onto the short brown carpet in my bedroom.  I had landed on one of my...

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17. 09. 2014
Nobody Loves Me

When You Feel Like Nobody Loves You, Not Even God

I have talked to many youth who feel that nobody loves them.  I am especially reminded of a 15 year old boy I met in a maximum security youth detention center.  I had...

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11. 09. 2014
Upsidedown Slacklining

2014 Youth Retreat

2014 Youth Retreat – Seek First the Kingdom of God We had a blast at the youth retreat this year!  We spent Thursday through Saturday enjoying the Lord’s presence, the great outdoors, and...

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